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What should our history classes look like in this political climate, and why do history classes even matter in our STEM era? History teacher extraordinaire Leo Glaze joins us to discuss how he goes about teaching critical history as an unapologetic Black educator in 2020. But first, we explore recent news in education including a new report about GreatSchools influencing segregation, a group of parents who are demanding that schools delete their kids’ data, and the latest on those mediocre math and English scores.

Historian & seasoned teacher, Leo Glaze, shares his expertise on how the future can be improved through proper education, particularly teaching authentic history. Our team was amazed & impressed by his classroom strategies, as it is unlike anything we or our children have experienced. Listen, and learn why you should care more about this.

As schools rapidly shift towards remote learning and we all adjust to a new social-distancing, safer-at-home reality, what does this mean for our students’ grades? And, assuming that other states follow Virginia’s path and declare the “brick-and-mortar” school year to be over, how should students’ final report cards and transcripts account for what has happened this semester? History teacher extraordinaire Leo Glaze joins us to discuss what we should do about grading in the coronavirus era.

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